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Frequently Asked Questions

Why I haven't received email with my ID and password?

If you don't receive the registration email in 10 minutes, please check your junk/spam folder since some mail services sometimes mark our messages as a junk mail. If you think that the problem may be with your mail service then you could try using a different e-mail address (gmail.com, yahoo.com etc).

I forgot my password and need it emailed to me. Where can I do this?

If you forgot your password, go to https://gjlv.hypoo.life/password , enter the email address you used to create your fdating account and then click on the "Send me my password"

How long does it take to have my pictures approved?

Usually 1-2 hours is enough to approve your photo, but sometimes it takes up to 3-5 hours.
Images with nudity, celebrities, trademarks, group pictures or images that do not show your face are not allowed. Make sure that your photo is taken showing your face from the front. Try to choose a photo in which your face can be clearly seen, and the lighting is good.
Photos containing your email address, website URLs, or any other form of personal contact will not be accepted.
Photos of pets, nature shots and other abstracts will not be posted.
Pornography, obscenity, sexual or otherwise offensive photos will not be posted.

How do I turn on/off email notifications?

Click on "Mail forwarding" and follow the instructions.

How do I delete my profile?

Click on "Delete profile" and follow the instructions.

I've accidentally deleted my account. Can I reactivate it?

It is impossible to recover accounts once they have been deleted, so please be completely sure you want to delete your account before proceeding.

Can I send e-mail address or phone number in my messages?

You can send anything you like in your messages. But we recommend don't give out your contact information until you feel confident that someone is trustworthy. Use our internal messaging systems until you are ready for the next stage.

Is this site free?

The site is 100% free. All our services are free of charge.

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